How to order from “Custom”Tutus

🌺 Click on button below “Custom Tutu Sets” or in Menu bar on the top left corner.

🌺 Select ”Tutus” and pick which tutu you will like & size you need.

🌺 Next click on “Tulle’s Colors” in the menu under “Pre-Order Tutu’s”. (You can click more than 1 color) No Charge on tulle’s expect certain tulle’s.

🌺 If you will like to add on anything to the tutus, click on “Add Ons” in the menu under “Custom Tutu’s”. (You can add paint, glitter, and ribbons)

Custom Tutu’s Set
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Style of the tutu’s

When you pre-order/custom your tutu’s you can choose the style of the tutu you will like. You will have 4 different ways you can choose how you will like your tutu to be made.

1 By 1 Colors

This tutu style the colors that you choose will be 1 after the other.

Smaller Sections

This tutu style separates each colors you choose into smaller sections.


This tutu style you give me the opportunity to do and choose any style for the tutu and just freestyle.

Color’s Coordination

This tutu style separates each colors you choose into huge sections. Example like the photo above one half is pink and one half is purple.

Mix Color’s

This tutu style I will mix all the colors you choose together randomly.

Would you like your child be posted on the website?

Send photos to

Photos Requirements: ⬇️

🌼 Photos must be clear high-quality & clutter free.

🌼 Photos must not be edited or filtered.

🌼 Vertical photos ONLY!

🌼 Must send atleast 3 photos for me to choose from.

❌ Your photo will not get selected to be on the website if it does not follow the requirements. ❌

Turn Around Time

Please understand tutus takes about 8-12 days too give me enough time just in case I get to many orders. Boutique items & shoes takes 20-30 days just too give enough time to get to me. Unless it’s in ready to ship then you will receive within the shipping day.